Do you do on location headshot sessions?

Because of the controlled environment and the setup ideally all of my clients would come to the studio for their session. That being said I do understand that making your way to the studio does not always work out logistically so I do offer on location sessions.

What should I wear?

I need you to bring a good amount of options of things to wear. Essentially, I want you to bring anything you really love to wear from casual to upscale. For a headshot you only need tops but if we are doing environmental or ¾ shots then bring a few options for bottoms as well. We want to have a variety of options to choose from. Try to bring items with different layers, textures, cuts, colors and necklines. Don’t bring anything you are not comfortable because that will show in the shot. Also, don’t worry about any wrinkles, I have a steamer and iron that can take care of those here.


If you want to bring jewelry, keep it light. I don’t want anything to distract from your wonderful face! For earrings, studs are fine but let’s stay away from anything that hangs or draws too much attention. Same thing goes with necklaces, for the most part any necklace is usually too distracting but if you bring something we can take a look and see how it fits. 


Shoes aren’t necessary but if they make you feel like a million bucks then by all means, please bring them to the studio!


Jackets are great to have as well but nothing too bulky. For an upscale look feel free to bring a variety of shirt/tie/jacket combos for us to choose from!


The more options and variety we have to choose from the better!